Nationalists helped get Long in – she’ll always look to them

Alliance Party leader Naomi Long
Alliance Party leader Naomi Long
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Stewart Dickson MLA makes a feeble effort to provide cover for Alliance MEP Naomi Long’s activities and actions in Brussels

(Attempts to link Alliance to SF failed in elections, letter, News Letter, June 20).

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

I respond by stating the facts that the Alliance policy on a good many things is exactly the same as Sinn Fein, viz: A) abortion here in Northern Ireland, B) supposed ‘equal marriage’, to name just two.

Many who believe in the Union also believe that Brexit will in effect make a good excuse for Sinn Fein supported by Alliance to call for a border poll.

Mr Dickson’s attack on Diane Dodds MEP is unwarranted and I am confident, whilst I am not always a DUP voter, that the lady will stand firm concerning any Irish backstop.

Naomi Long MEP will continue to look over her shoulder at those tens of thousands from Sinn Fein and SDLP who got her elected.

How therefore can she not be in the camp of the Irish Prime Minister, Sinn Fein, Scottish National Party, and Liberal Democrats, who ultimately will do their utmost to block our exit from the EU?

Although Mr Dickson refuses to believe it, any self respecting unionist will reject all the bluff of Irish nationalism concerning ‘a hard border’.

Raymond Stewart, Mossley, Newtownabbey