News Letter should help to inform people ahead of a border poll on Irish unity

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The UK held the EU referendum whilst depriving the public of facts and details of the true impact of the withdrawal from the EU on the health, wealth and livelihood of our citizens and business community.

However the vote was taken and we must live with the consequences.

We are in danger of the same ignorance if it came to a vote on a border poll.

There is no doubt there will be a border poll in the near future and I believe it is your job as a newspaper to answer the question “are we better off staying in the UK or joining a united Ireland”.

You have excellent journalists who could create a running feature comparing lifestyles in the north and south.

A comparison between families, students, seniors, farmers, and business people.

It is only when people see the impact on their own circumstances and lifestyle can they make an informed judgement not with their heart but with their head.

I do hope the News Letter takes a proactive stance on this matter.

Caroline Lindsay, Ballygally