No equality for men under the Greens

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

After reading another article where the Greens purport to support gender equality (April 22), I felt I had to write to you, as you published the article.

The Green Party purports gender equality for everyone, APART from males.

Their recent spouting by Clare Bailey of prosecuting fathers if a female has an illegal termination only served to open a can of worms which is difficult to close.

This was ill-thought and irresponsible to raise this within the abortion debate which we, as NI’s most active mens’ support group (and previous RFFJ activists) had stayed out of due our belief it’s a woman’s choice. To prosecute us for something a woman does is silly. Would a female be prosecuted also then if she conducted an abortion without input from the father? Could a father then legally dismiss himself from a pregnancy which he may not want, therefore not be held liable by CSA afterwards?

The Greens don’t mention this type of issue coming out because it shows how wayward their proposal was.

Now we have them wanting kids of any age to avail of gender change with no medical intervention, put the trust in the individual is their rallying call. Our question to that is “can we also put the trust in the individual when a child wants to see their father” with no legal intervention?

Gender change is a huge issue in comparison to a child wanting to spend time with their father after separation. Maybe the Greens will go further and now release a statement saying we should trust kids of any age when they want to see their non resident parent without legal intervention.

Then again, they won’t, because that would show support to fathers and with their abortion story and now this gender change issue, and their continual negating if issues men and boys face, they truly are anti male!

Peter Morris, Men’s Aid NI