No need for Foster or Elliott to apologise for Free P minister

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read with interest the letter submitted to your newspaper on the 8th of August by Father Sean McManus.

In this letter he called upon First Minister Arlene Foster and Tom Elliott MP to condemn Reverend Gray’s anti-Catholicism “rant.”

The letter writer also makes reference to an Internet Animated Video which states that there is still deep rooted anti-Catholic bigotry in Northern Ireland. I would have to disagree with this to the extent that as a Protestant I feel that many of my faith and indeed of pro-Union political persuasions almost feel that we have to be apologetic about our faith and political orientation, so as not to perpetuate the divisions that still exist in Northern Ireland.

While there may be a superficial papering over of the cracks in many parts of Northern Ireland, we in County Fermanagh have a mutual respect and tolerance for each others differences.

To state that an anti-Catholic bigotry still exists and to use the words of one Protestant Minister as justification of this is quite insulting to the Protestants and Unionists in Northern Ireland and especially County Fermanagh, who do work with and for all the people of Northern Ireland.

Father McManus’s call for repudiation from Mrs Foster and Mr Elliott is nothing short of ridiculous, if anything there needs to be a greater separation of the state and the Church in Northern Ireland. Therefore it would be wholly inappropriate for any politician let alone two from two different denominations of Protestant Church than the Reverend Gray to make comment on what he states in his capacity as a Free Presbyterian Minister.

As for his comments that there are interested folk in the US Congress watching for either a condoning or condemnation from the Unionist leaders of Reverend Gray’s comments, well all I can say to that is that perhaps they should turn their attention to their own political pantomime rather than worrying about what we in Northern Ireland are doing.

Jennifer Young, Co Fermanagh