No SF will to embrace unionists

The recent opinions, as published, of more learned persons relating to Sinn Fein/IRA such as Terry Wright and Trevor Ringland gives me some reassurance that it is not only the man on the street who holds such views on republicanism.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 10:43 am
Mary Lou McDonald stands behind the controversial St Patrick's Day banner in New York

Sinn Fein/IRA and the monster they have created clearly smell blood, thus the big push for their dreamy united Ireland.

I say ‘monster’ because not only are they deaf and blind to,due to their loathing of, all things and peoples pro-unionist, but now their exuberance to get back at us (bred from twisted ideologies) is out of control and palpable.

Evidently, they or their followers simply do not have the ability or the will to genuinely and fully embrace the pro-unionist peoples or to guarantee their safety, rights, religious and civil liberties or respect etc, neither now nor in the future.

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Letter to the editor

This situation as orchestrated by Sinn Fein/IRA (and their American mates),apart from the economical and other practicalities relating, will I pray prevent any united Ireland on such terms and be their eventual downfall, for everyone’s sake.

Archibald Toner, Dromore, Co Down