Nonsense about the North of Ireland

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I never listened to so much nonsense as I listened to today about Arlene Foster correcting someone for referring to this country as North of Ireland.

The First Minister was correct in correcting the individual as those of us who were born and reared in Northern Ireland and our births registered as Northern Ireland citizens can be recognised only as Northern Ireland citizens.

I am proud to have been born in Northern Ireland, proud to be classed an Ulsterman and proud of the best wee country that has survived so many conflicts that have been fought and won by our forefathers, most of who came from Northern Ireland.

Someone on the radio said that it was often cast up that the nationalist community were good at carrying the Queen’s money in their pockets. He said that we (referring to the unionist community) could keep the money but give him his country back.

I’ll have him to know that the country he refers to never was his country. It is and always will be God’s country and the border dividing North and South some years ago was signed and sealed by law.

He gave the impression that money was not an issue but the country was.

Since the last world war the government purse was “milked” and to this day it still is.

William Brown, Magherafelt