Northern Ireland political parties should unite against the evil of gendercide

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The British Labour Party, which refuses to stand here for election by the way, is desperate to inflict abortion onto the North’s unborn children and their mothers.

Given that one of that party’s ministers, Naz Shah MP, Shadow Minister for Women and Equality, has suddenly discovered that one of the nastiest consequences of Britain’s free for all abortion regime, female gendercide (the killing through abortion of unborn baby girls), is now happening in certain communities in Britain and that she is now campaigning against this, will the parties of Northern Ireland now to commit to fight this evil, discriminatory practice against women and their unborn baby girls to make sure it does not reach Northern Ireland?

Are you happy to let a woman who doesn’t want a baby girl kill that unborn child because of its sex, or, as in the rape issue, will you force that woman to bring her unwanted girl to full term?

John Austin, Limavady