NOSTALGIA: She-Ra remembered as favoured 80s cartoon heroine

The female counterpart to He-Man, She-Ra was engaged in mortal combat as part of a noble rebellion to free the oppressed of Etheria from evil. JOANNE SAVAGE remembers her sassiness, moral compass, flying unicorn, magical Sword of Protection and indomitable battle cry

Friday, 5th November 2021, 6:12 pm
Long live She-Ra. Conceived in 1985, she was a champion who roared in the face of evil while wielding a word and bestriding the universe atop a flying unicorn

Though these days I most wish I could turn into Lady Gaga, as a child, I most wished that I could turn into She-Ra: Princess of Power from the 1985 series, posing with imposing headdress, a flowing red cape, killer bodice, cascading blonde locks, and the kind of majestic supernatural powers that made her worthy of being He-Man’s twin sister.

I mean she could lift grown men, robots, mountain-like rocks and buildings, and was fast and acrobatic while wielding her magical Sword of Protection which deflected bolts of cosmic energy with remarkable effectivity.

I dressed up as She-Ra aged approximately seven, and although my Aunt Mary refused to allow me a racy bodice, I did get the red cape and in my soul I was roaring ‘She-Ra!’ and felt fully convinced I was a mistress of the universe about to fly through the space-time continuum and fight the bad guys, though I didn’t have her magical sword or wisdom or flying capabilities or indeed a talking unicorn named Swift Wind, although I very much wished I had all four.

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The character was first introduced to audiences in movie The Secret of the Sword as Princess or rather Force Captain Adora of the Horde, ruling a strange mystical land called Etheria.

But she broke the spell that was making her serve The Horde - the result of childhood mind control - her liberation made tangible when she roared ‘For the honour of Grayskull’ and became fully She-Ra unleashed, rescuing He-Man, and then landing atop Swift Wind.

Atfer a stint back on her birth-planet Eternia, she returns to Etheria where she was raised, with the incredible mission of freeing the planet from the Horde oppression as part of a noble rebellion. So here was a female military leader of note, only unlike Joan of Arc she had that actual flying unicorn, and much more sex appeal than was perhaps appropriate for a children’s cartoon character or indeed Saint Joan.

A military strategist par excellence, She-Ra calls upon her allies across the entire universe to defeat the enemy and was yet always seen as brave and selfless, willing to help others in need at a moment’s notice.

I think the world needs more women of She-Ra’s true grit.