Nuclear weapon use is terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to Morning View’s demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn (July 19) and hero worship of new prime minister, I will address two assumptions therein:

1. The new British PM when asked would she press the button which would result in the death of a hundred thousand innocent men women and children she replied with determination ‘Yes’. So-called terrorists could only dream of having access to this killing power. If Russia and China made such a statement in their parliaments the west would declare WW3.

2. Demonising Jeremy (who I am a big fan of) and Morning View’s demand that he cannot expect to make it to Downing St, if he or a clone had been in Downing St this century millions of dead, displaced, injured in Iraq-Afghanistan-Libya-Syria-Yemen etc would be alive and reasonably prosperous in their country of birth, which today are governless tribal wastelands. And the British soldiers who, unlike the citizens of above countries, had a choice, hundreds of whom are now in an early grave (thanks to Blair/Cameron etc including NI unionist parties), would be alive today.

I would wager their loved ones agree with me.

Who is the real terrorist in our midst today if you call a man who kills 84 in Nice a terrorist what do you call a woman who kills 100,000 she cares not where?

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge