Our objections to new ideas holds back normal growth of our community

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Recent commentaries blame everyone but ourselves for the parlous mess that Northern Ireland is in.

We serially vote for the parties who represent and play upon sectarianism. Because people vote for the extreme parties does not mean that they support those parties on all their policies on contentious issues, as those in leadership seem to claim.

I know several people who do not support a party’s position on abortion, border poll, energy from waste etc but vote for that party.

The main parties use lazy arguments, blaming others for austerity, and for an underperforming series of public services.

How much of taxpayers’ money, ie your money, is wasted by our local people, be they elected representatives or others?

How much criminality, be it white collar, street crime, smuggling or other fiddling must our politicians accept before they start to demand a clampdown?

The mantra of ‘local government, local responsibility is good,’ is not being demonstrated here.

It is said that the point of politicians is to make progress for all the community, making compromises and uncomfortable decisions where necessary.

The fatuousness of having ‘Red Lines’ is a sign that the ‘red liner’ has no real interest in making a better society.

Our readiness to strenuously object to any new or different idea just holds back any normal development and growth of our community.

As a former Alliance councillor in Belfast I was privileged to trying to make Belfast and Northern Ireland a better place for everyone by making the hard contentious decisions from which others ran away. Interestingly many of the hard decisions now seem remarkably ordinary.

Tom Ekin, Belfast