Parliament is a swamp that needs draining

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Today, MPs vote at Westminster to thwart Theresa May’s awful EU agreement.

Meanwhile Remainers in the House of Commons are already on manoeuvres, to block a ‘no deal’ by any means.

Ok, so people who voted to leave the EU won by not an overwhelming margin, nevertheless it was over 1 million votes. They understood this was to take back control of our laws and leave both the customs union and single market.

Those in the Remain camp have never accepted this. They have shamefully gone to Brussels to ‘advise’ those EU negotiators not to compromise.

They have slagged off 17.4 million voters as uneducated morons and racists.

Only last week, Remain Tory Dominic Grieve was able to spring another amendment, helped by the Speaker John Bercow abandoning established procedures and legal advice from his clerks. Is Mr Bercow being neutral and fair in these debates?

The House of Commons is occupied by quite a number of spineless, self-serving MPs.

They should remember that Parliament is meant to represent the views of the people and to pass laws. But Remainers are trying to neutralise the referendum result. This was the largest vote in British history and now a large number of MPs want to stop this democratic decision.

It is obvious the Westminster elite establishment hate Brexit. They are encouraged by the actions of the EU.

Theresa May has made mistakes and is losing control whilst others are dictating the direction to follow. This has become a dreadful mess.

Parliament is a swamp that needs draining and perhaps a general election might do that at least.

R. Smyth, Fermanagh