Paul Berry: My friend Willie Frazer was a true Ulsterman who loved his country

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I wish to offer my deepest condolences to Willie Frazer’s wife Ann, son Philip and the wider family circle.

Willie was a good friend and I will miss him for his continued support and friendship over many years.

He was the strongest advocate and voice for innocent victims and one who will be missed by so many people and especially innocent victims.

Willie was forthright and wouldn’t be bullied by anyone, especially republicans and I salute him for his fight for justice for the innocent victims who suffered at the hands of republicans for years.

His family suffered much during the Troubles and it is important the fight for justice continues as a legacy to William.

He was a strong voice for the innocent victims but also a true Ulsterman who loved his country with all his heart.

Paul Berry, Councillor, Tandragee