Pauline Armitage: DUP are now working the agreement they once opposed

We need leaders who put their country first
We need leaders who put their country first

Direct rule; power sharing; joint authority; the DUP are in an Irish Stew.

When I was an Ulster Unionist Party MLA I studied ‘The Belfast Agreement’ before rejecting it.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Some DUP members elected as UUP, ie Arlene Foster, Jeffrey Donaldson, Peter Weir and others deserted their UUP followers, leaving some in a quandary.

They now work the agreement they opposed.

Jumping ship for other attractions should bring real change.

They now depend on Sinn Fein who supported terrorism, to get them out of a political gaol.

Their multi-coloured language and culture coat is perceived as a cloak for concessions to Adams who wants tools to dilute our British nationhood.

So! Once again we totter at ‘the brink’.

During 1989 the NIO told me that unionist concerns were not based in reality and the Republic could only propose change.

Secretaries of State gave me the same old guff.

It was all fake news to calm our folks.

Some Yes referendum voters in 1998 said they now would vote No.

I supported direct rule before and still do.

The impressive financial deal between Mrs May and the DUP could be used as a context for appeasing Adams.

Sammy Wilson of the DUP is right in calling for direct rule during major crises.

Peace at any price is not what our gallant security forces and civilians died to defend during Irish terrorism.

Sinn Fein was not smashed; it was unionists who suffered.

Now we have more Sinn Fein demands and muscle to weaken those who thirst for the Assembly.

Let there be fairness but No Surrender to statutory instruments that destroy our heritage.

We need leaders who put their country first.

Pauline Armitage, Portstewart