Photos of battered schoolboy galvanised opposition to racism, online images should empower churches to oppose abortion

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We owe Dr W Sidney Lowry (‘Race rows involving Neeson and US governor remind me of my time in segregated Virginia in the 1950s,’ Feb 9) gratitude.

The memories of racial segregation while at Virginia Medical School in 1959 are fascinating.

The 1964 USA Civil Rights Act forever changed the landscape. Emmett Till’s lynching in 1955 seared the conscience of America.

Photographs of the 14 year old schoolboy’s battered face galvanised opposition to racism. Images on the Abort67/ websites should empower NI churches to oppose abortion.

Glen Scrivener’s “SpeakLife” have a seven minute on-line film “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Photos That Changed The World”.

Dr James Hardy, Belfast BT5