Prince Charles was used as a propaganda tool for Sinn Fein

Willie Frazer
Willie Frazer

After watching the visit arranged for Prince Charles which was supposed to be about visiting the location where his great uncle Lord Mountbatten was murdered, the victims feel he has been used by NIO as a propaganda tool for Sinn Fein.

This man came to pay respect to the site where he lost a family member and it has been turned into a political circus.

As an organisation that represents a lot of members of the security forces both in Northern Ireland and the mainland and innocent victims from the community, we have to ask why a church in Belfast was chosen that is so controversial at the moment.

A number of young men are serving time in jail because they played music outside the church.

We feel that this is just another attempt to insult our community.

The biggest question of all we would like to ask is why Prince Charles has not visited Narrow Water, the scene where 18 paratroopers were massacred and maimed by the people who belonged to the terrorist organisation responsible namely the IRA for the atrocity and who are now smiling and shaking hands with the Colonel In Chief of the Regiment.

Victims wonder whenever our loved ones were murdered was it for God, Queen and Country or was it just God and country?

Why then are people like myself seen as not acceptable? Because I tell the truth and it hurts.

The hand of friendship seems to be extended to the perpetrators once again.

Prince Charles may not be able to voice his opinion but we will represent the loyal British citizens who died for Queen and Country and we will not be silenced by Sinn Fein/IRA.

If the organisers of this propaganda trip think they are moving the ‘peace process’ forward to appease Sinn Fein they are mistaken.

This visit has been arranged at the behest of Sinn Fein as a propaganda tool for the up and coming election in the South of Ireland.

FAIR will be addressing this in immediate days, whenever we will write to the appropriate authorities to express our views.

• Willie Frazer is a spokesperson for the Victims group FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives)