Protestants have no place in Irish utopia

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Those unionist figures who decry Arlene Foster’s statement that, if Northern Ireland were united with the Irish Republic, “I would probably have to move” need to remove their ‘bĺinkers’ and see the welcome that would await not just them but future generations.

When playparks are named for terrorists, when elected MPs mock the Kingsmills victims, when Sinn Fein’s leadership continually heap praise on the IRA, when Mid Ulster council seeks to introduce permits for bonfires and Sinn Fein demand special status for a language they, in the main, do not speak but which would become a requirement for public service, the bleak future for us as “guests” of the Irish nation and state is very clear.

The reality is, as the post 1921 experience of the Protestant minority in the Republic shows, we have no place in the ‘Irish’ Utopia.

Robert Wallace, Portadown