Raymond McCord: SF afraid to face truth from victims

Politicians at the Raymond McCord Junior Forum, at the Canada Room at Queen's University on September 28 (approaching the 20th anniversary of the murder). From left, Green MLA Clare Bailey, SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly, Alliance MLA Stephen Farry, UUP councillor Jeff Dudgeon, DUP MP Emma Little Pengelly, and far right Raymond McCord.

Sinn Fein not only didn’t turn up for the Raymond McCord Jnr Forum at Queens University last Thursday, they also showed their arrogance and complete lack of respect for victims by even failing to tell me they wouldn’t be there.

Close to 30 MLAs, seven MPs, four MEPs, around 90 councillors and no one turns up. Their hypocrisy was clearly shown on Thursday.

Letter to the editor

Ballymurphy massacre families were represented at our event, McGurks bar represented, Bloody Sunday represented, Omagh bomb represented, Shankill Road represented, victims of Scappaticci represented, victims of the Army/PSNI represented, victims of the UVF, UDA, IRA, INLA, dissident, IRA represented.

The Police Ombudsman and the PSNI were represented in the audience.

The British government was even represented.

Sinn Fein should hang their heads in shame.

Afraid to face the truth and questions from victims. They are never done using the words ‘respect’ and ‘reality,’ well on Thursday in ‘reality’ they showed nothing but ‘disrespect’ to all victims of the Troubles.

They clearly have no problem attending parades for dead IRA terrorists but innocent civilians mean nothing to them. Five other parties took part in the Forum. To quote Gerry Adams “We haven’t gone away you know”, well they didn’t even turn up to go away.

I now hope that the other ‘victims’ groups who work closely with Sinn Fein and criticise everyone and everything connected to the other political parties will come and live in the real world and see that Sinn Fein really do have a hierarchy of victims and unfortunately it’s only those they can make political gain from.

Raymond McCord, Newtownabbey

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