Raymond McCord: Trevor Ringland’s words reflect the views of many moderate unionists

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Trevor Ringland’s words and opinions (‘No space in a new Ireland for me,’ March 23) are reflective of many moderate unionists.

He has shown himself to be anti sectarian and progressive.

He and I have had discussions in the past and have disagreed on certain issues and still do. However he like myself want a peaceful island with equality for everyone, something that Sinn Fein have shown exists only to those in their own bubble.

In reality Sinn Fein could be the biggest obstacle to republicans of all shades to achieve unity and a united Ireland.

For me personally no effort has been made to show unionists they would be welcome and equal in a united Ireland rather the rhetoric from Sinn Fein and certain ‘journalists’ is, “A united Ireland is a must whether you unionists or others like it or not”.

Clearly some politicians and political parties have learned nothing from the near 4,000 deaths in our ‘Troubles’.

Not one death justifies political aspirations or sectarian bigotry.

We all deserve a lot better from these politicians who promote division and see a united Ireland as the end of our problems and division regardless of unionists not being convinced of a new Ireland due to the politics of those self serving “leaders” and politicians who have shown no respect to others.

I want peace, stability, and a country where my grandchildren are safe and are treated as equals irrespective of religion, colour, gender or political beliefs.

Unfortunately watching and listening to Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neill I don’t believe that will happen.

Maybe the two of them should sit down with Arlene Foster and the three of them can put their hands up and finally admit that the three of them has got it wrong in their own versions of equality and have the courage to admit how arrogant each one is in dealing with the past and delivering a real future for all citizens of this great island.

Raymond McCord, Victims campaigner, North Belfast