Raymond McCord: Unionists should be invited to Brexit debate at Waterfront Hall

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

With the Beyond Brexit debate due to take place in the Waterfront next week, I believe that the organisers have made a huge mistake by not inviting unionist politicians.

I voted to remain and took my challenge to the Supreme Court.

Even though I do not vote for either unionist party and hold the DUP and Sinn Fein responsible for our sectarian politics and for the lack of a government here, I believe the organisers of this event are ignoring unionist voters.

I totally disagree with the DUP on Brexit and their policies on many issues particularly equality. What has happened here to equality?

We either debate together one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime or continue with orange and green politics and policies.

To the organisers I also ask, “ What kind of message are you sending to the future voters and decision makers of our island?”

I ask the organisers to think again and please make it all inclusive.

The organisers are creating division and are no better than the DUP with a divided debate.

We are all equal with equal rights. Are the organisers saying that all unionists voted for Brexit and all nationalists voted to remain? That certainly was not the case.

This debate is a mirror image of Stormont, dividing the people with politics.

No individual nationalist or unionist debate will help. Stand together and work together, our people deserve nothing less.

Raymond McCord, Victims campaigner, North Belfast