Raze the Maze to the ground, as Spandau prison was razed

Kenny Donaldson
Kenny Donaldson

The sight of Nazi flags flying in our country recently will have sickened the overwhelming majority of the population and rightly so.

The sight of Nazi flags flying in our Country recently will have sickened the overwhelming majority of the population and rightly so.

But that’s not enough, what we must also do is get underneath the psychology of those who thought it appropriate to fly those flags in this part of the United Kingdom.

The Nazi Swastika is an emblem of hatred, bigotry and domination against those who did not subscribe to its’ fascist doctrine.

The linking of the Nazi flag with the Union flag is a gross insult. There are possibly no two flags which are more diametrically opposed than these two flags.

The Nazis engaged in a fascist doctrine which brought unparalleled levels of terrorism against humankind. In Northern Ireland we are all too well aware of the evils of terrorism.

Terrorists have masqueraded under the noble political doctrines of loyalism and republicanism to wreak their own Nazi-esque activities upon their fellow neighbours.

The irony is that the forefathers of those individuals who erected the flags are quite likely to have been involved with the Great War effort and WWII where the Allied Forces triumphed in defeating the evils of fascism. In now linking that Nazi flag to their forefather’s flag of liberty and freedom, they are essentially dancing on the graves of those who gave their lives so that all of us; Protestant, Roman Catholic, Dissenter and otherwise might live as we do today.

Let us remember; Spandau Prison was flattened within hours of Hitler’s right hand man Rudolf Hess dying within the Prison such was their concern that it could be turned into a neo-Nazi shrine. To further ensure its erasure, all materials from the demolished prison were ground to powder and dispersed in the North Sea or buried at the former RAF Gatow airbase.

The Germans belatedly understood what their Country had descended into. Let’s wrestle back our Country from going down a road of idolising symbols and images which have brought devastation upon mankind.

Let this Country also follow the German lead at Spandau - let us clear the former Maze Prison site of all vestiges of its’ former use as a Prison which housed terrorist criminals. Let this Country waken itself up whilst it still can.

Political and cultural education must be improved with the home, within our Schools, within our communities, within the Loyal Orders, Bands fraternity, GAA and all other organisations which have a reach into our young people.