‘Remainers’ seem incapable of accepting the simple truth

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Theresa May is brandishing her iron-clad fist - reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s handbag - to demonstrate her resolve to ensure Brexit is achieved despite the increasing number of obstacles littering her path.

The Prime Minister is sternly warning MPs not to tie her hands in her bid to ensure that the will of the millions who secured a majority to leave the European Union is honoured.

Nor is she being put off by the ruling of High Court judges that Parliament must be first consulted before Brexit is allowed to go ahead. This, admittedly, is a considerable setback, but let us not forget that it was Parliament that authorised the referendum, so you might have thought Westminster had already given its blessing on the outcome, whether for or against quitting Europe.

This is not, however, the case. But it seems unfair that the unequivocal and declared wish by a substantial majority of voters to adopt a certain course can be frustrated in this way. The Remainers do not seem capable of accepting the simple truth as once enunciated by Sir Winston Churchill that one vote is enough.

Remember, it was a single vote that destroyed the Callaghan Labour Government in the 1970s.

So Theresa May is having a lot of brickbats hurled in her direction, including some from her own side. She will need all the weapons available in her political armoury to ensure the will of 52% of the people is achieved.

But she is embarking on this task with an impressive spirit and even defiance. As a last resort she could order an early general election.

Let it not be forgotten either that Theresa May was a Remainer during the referendum campaign, although she did not shout it from the rooftops.

Which makes it all the more commendable that she is determined to see the outcome of the referendum implemented.

• The arrogant and snooty Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg who led his party to disaster and near total annihilation at the last general election, reportedly says the “little people” who supported Brexit did not know what they were voting for in the June referendum.

What utter tosh - and patronising tosh at that.

Which part of the phrase “leave the Eurpean Union” so baffled his so-called “little people” according to Clegg?

No wonder parliament and parliamentarians are in such low repute when people like Clegg can dismiss the views of more than 17 million people without a second thought.

As the late Dr Ian Paisley once said, “Even majorities have rights”.

• The international football outfit FIFA, whose reputation does not seem (at first glance) to be quite as pure as the driven snow, appears to be peopled by the sort of characters described by David Cameron as making up Ukip, namely “loonies and fruitcakes”.

But its ruling that England and Scottish footballers should not be allowed to display poppies on their armbands on Remembrance Day is both stupid and ignorant. The decision is all the more ludicrous when it has been discovered that Irish players have been displaying an insignia - which does have political connotations - on their strip for some time and no one has noticed.

FIFA should start putting its own rickety house in order before it starts preaching to others.

Meanwhile, I trust the England and Scottish football authorities will tell FIFA to take a running jump and defy their “ban”.