Renewables are key to meeting UK climate targets

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How does David Cameron’s Tory government intend to achieve agreed targets in Paris for carbon reduction that requires the world to move rapidly toward 100% clean energy as Mr Cameron, Liz Truss Minister for Environment and Amber Rudd Minister for DECC savage the renewable’s sector in the UK?

It was only a matter of hours before 195 Countries agreed action to limit global Temperatures to 1.5 degree’s that the UK government proposed increases to renewable’s industry VAT from 5% to 20%.

The list of serious hits to the solar, wind and renewables sectors in recent times is extensive and can be solely blamed at the Tory government.

The Green industry needs infrastructure and support until it is self sustaining.

This of course at a time when the same Tory government intends to ‘Go all out for Shale’ in promotion of fracking for shale oil and gas.

M Cairns, Belfast BT15