Reported On This Day in 1739 (July 3 1739): Deceased shop owner’s goods will all be sold and debts all settled

The Belfast News Letter of June 22 1739 (which is July 3 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of June 22 1739 (which is July 3 in the modern calendar)
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From June 22 1739 News Letter (July 3 modern date), pictured right.

WHEREAS Samuel Mc.Tier, John Potts, James Orr, and John Orr, Executors of Mr. Alexander Orr, late of Belfast, deceas’d, having taken an Inventory of the Shop Goods belonging to the said Alexander Orr, consisting of great Variety of the best and newest Kinds of Broad Cloths, Stuffs, Camlets, Killmancoes, Silks, Velvets, and all Sorts of Woollen Drapery Goods; with great Variety of suitable Trimmings, design to dispose of the same upon very reasonable Terms, for ready Money.

The Sale to begin on Tuesday, the 26th of this Instant June, at ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, and so continue until all be sold.

Dealers in the Woollen Drapery Way may have any Quantity of said Goods upon very easy Terms, and reasonable Allowance for prompt Payment.

N.B. The said Executors having also revised and examined the said Alexander Orr’s Account Books, Bonds and promisary Notes, and fix’d, the Balance or Sum due on each of them: Therefore give Notice, to all who were indebted to the said Alexander Orr at his Death, to pay in what they were respectively so due, unto the said Samuel Mc.Tier and John Potts of Belfast, who have said Books, Bonds and Notes, otherwise legal Methods will be speedily taken to recover the same.

And those to whom the said Alexander Orr was indebted at his Death are desired to give in their Accounts, in order to receive their just Demands.