Republicans offended by public displays? Welcome to our world

Sinn Fein posters re-traumatise victims
Sinn Fein posters re-traumatise victims
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I understand why republicans/nationalists are upset over banners supporting British soldiers

However could I explain to the same republican/nationalists that around Lisburn and over huge swathes of Northern Ireland, unionists have had to suffer the indignity of having anti-British posters and huge placards of Martina Anderson, a proud, unrepentant, convicted PIRA terrorist, on virtually every lamppost and road junction.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Her posters re-traumatise victims of Provisional Sinn Fein/Provisional IRA (PSF/PIRA) on a daily basis — and by the way they were still up last week in the greater Lisburn area.

When proud, unrepentant, convicted terrorists come on TV lecturing us on human rights, equality, integrity and respect, they re-traumatise their victims and the countless PSF/PIRA terrorism on a daily basis.

I would also stress that every decent Catholic who votes for PSF/PIRA candidates, when other decent candidates are available, are also re-traumatising countless victims of PSF/PIRA and dancing on the graves of those murdered by them, including Jean McConville, Colomba McVeigh and Patsy Gillespie.

Finally, yes remove the offensive banners but also remove proud, unrepentant, convicted PSF/PIRA terrorists from government. Both are equally and deeply offensive.

By the way I am sure good, decent Catholics will note that there is not a single convicted UVF/UDA terrorist in the DUP or the UUP or TUV as the Protestant community never voted for them.

Tom Nash, Derriaghy