Rev Ivan Foster: A failure to answer my assertion that popes wickedly claim to be God

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Mr O’Cathail’s reply in today’s News Letter (‘The Papacy has a very long history,’ May 30), if I might endow it with such a term, is a clear indication of his inability to effectively respond to my assertion that the popes have wickedly claimed to be God on earth!

His verbal waffle and floundering around but confirms the truth of what I say.

I might also say that his assertion that the papacy was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ is a lie, equal in its abomination as the claim of the popes to be God!

I would be more than happy to discuss with him that matter, starting with the questions: ‘Why did Paul, when writing to the saints at Rome, make no reference to pope nor offer his greetings, if such a personage existed then as Mr O’Cathail claims?’

I might warn him that is only one of many questions I would be asking if Mr O’Cathail is inclined to take up a new subject.

Silence on his part might be more discreet since he has dismally failed in his attempt to refute the claims I made in my first letter.

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd), Kilskeery