As an RUC widow I hope DUP will help stop legacy plans

I am heartened at reading of the contribution made by Police Federation representatives when they addressed a Westminster select committee this week.

Sunday, 3rd November 2019, 1:02 pm
The Stormont House Agreement included controversial legacy proposals such as a Historical Investigations Unit that critics say will turn against the security forces

As someone who belongs to a very small group of people; those who have attained some level of justice for a terrorist committed offence(s) pre 1998 I fully support the position of the Police Federation who have urged government to abandon the legacy proposals being promoted by the NIO and with the backing of SF/IRA.

I know the job my late husband performed, I know what his motivations were and those of his colleagues and I cannot sit back and allow Johnnie’s good name to be sullied along with so many other courageous and decent men and women that he served with.

If I thought that the HIU would deliver a measure of justice for innocent victims like what my family belatedly receiver then I would encourage support for the proposals.

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Letter to the editor

But the HIU and the other bodies won’t deliver this, they will have the effect of insulting the memory of over 300 murdered police officers, demonising their contribution in preserving life and of preventing wholesale anarchy from occurring. They were ably supported by army personnel, prison officers and countless civilians — all of these groupings have paid a heavy price.

I am pleading with the DUP as the largest Northern Ireland political party at Westminster and here to withdraw support for the current legacy proposals and particularly the dangerous HIU body.

June McMullin, (nee Proctor, Widow of Constable Johnny Proctor), Upperlands, Co Londonderry