Sammy Wilson: Government has again been caught out over its EU claims

Sammy Wilson of the DUP at a Vote Leave event. Picture Matt Bohill
Sammy Wilson of the DUP at a Vote Leave event. Picture Matt Bohill

Once again the government which claims it wants people to make their judgement on sound information about European Union membership when the vote on 23rd June, has been caught out.

The report showing that by the government’s own calculations the United Kingdom is losing out on £2500m worth of trade because European Union members are blocking trade deals, bears out the Brexit case that we would be far better out of the European Union free to do our own deals with the rest of the world without having to bring along 27 other states many of whom have different priorities or interests from our own.

This week hundreds of thousands of leaflets went out to households alleging that it was an information leaflet to help people make up their minds.

It didn’t contain the information on the billions lost through blocked trade deals.

It didn’t spell out the £10bn we lose in European Union membership fees.

It didn’t warn of the tsunami of immigrants waiting to enter the United Kingdom when Turkey and other Balkan states are given free access to the UK.

It didn’t warn of the implications which this will have for wages and public services.

The government case for European Union membership is based on lies, withholding of information and scare stories.

The climb-down by the government in last week’s White Paper on the future of the BBC was even more sinister showing that it is prepared to bribe broadcasters in order to obtain a sympathetic press.

It paid off as the BBC suppressed reporting of the revelations about the underhand way in which the Prime Minister was negotiating with big business to support European Union membership while at the same time he was telling the House of Commons that he would campaign for leaving the European Union if he did not get his way in negotiations about European Union reform.

Whilst Boris Johnson has been criticised for referring to Hitler’s attempt to create a European super state by force the fact is that the government has sought to sustain it through tactics which would have made Joseph Geobbels proud.

• Sammy Wilson is a former Stormont finance minister. He is currently the Democratic Unionist Party MP for East Antrim and has become one of the most outspoken Northern Irish MPs in favour of Brexit