Sanctimony and hypocrisy from Rev Ivan Foster

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I just feel moved to write a few lines in response to Ivan Foster’s short piece on his memories of the death of Joe McCann (July 23).

He opines that Mr McCann chose “the gun instead of Christ” and seems to feel elevated enough to pass judgement on the aforementioned’s eternal soul.

As a native of Ulster, I couldn’t help but recall a dim memory of Mr Foster sporting a red beret as a founding member of ‘Ulster Resistance’ which, if my memory serves me well, had no qualms in collaborating with loyalist murder gangs in procuring arms and threatening violence.

I’m also moved to wonder if Mr Foster’s “sorrow” extends to the systemic abuses of the northern state against its Catholic minority in jobs, housing and the diminution of its franchise in elections.

Maybe this was what ultimately led young men like Joe McCann to take the path he did.

Thankfully, it seems that most in the north are now embracing a new era of inclusion and integration.

Sadly however, it would seem that the sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy displayed by Mr Foster and many of his religious associates is as stark today as it was half a century ago.

Paul Shore, Dublin 15