Scaremongering academics only looking out for jobs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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So here we have it again: so-called academics using Brexit to scare monger and hype up tensions in Northern Ireland.

(‘Claims Brexit may re-ignite conflict dubbed ‘reckless and outrageous’’, News Letter, Saturday September 15).

They are only concerned about themselves and their own jobs when we start to control our borders, because EU students will not be able to come in so easily.

What do these clever people not understand?

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, as pointed out in the failed Belfast Agreement.

The Unionist people will never agree to Northern Ireland leaving on different terms to our fellow Brits.

The Republic is a different country which adds no financial assistance to our wee country (neither do we want them to).

Any true Unionist with a capitol ‘U’ who voted for Remain must now know it was being used by republicans as a sectarian vote in Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, and leave the EU we must do.

Why is the threat of violence only considered from republicans?

To take away the democratic right from this part of the United Kingdom may well end up in violence, if anyone tries to take away the people of Northern Ireland’s rights as United Kingdom citizens.

John Mulholland, Doagh