Scepticism over Alliance’s values on marriage now seems vindicated

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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When Alliance canvassers called at my door a few elections ago, I couldn’t promise them my vote because I believed that if civil partnerships were legalised here it would be the thin end of a very big wedge.

They assured me that I was mistaken as the party was fully supportive of my Presbyterian views on marriage. They mentioned the names of Naomi Long, David Ford and Stewart Dickson in an attempt to convince me but I was not persuaded.

Since then we have had Alliance actively campaigning for same-sex marriage and now Stewart Dickson’s letter (April 10, News Letter, ‘NI people should be able to marry and divorce freely’) is pressing for no-blame divorce in Northern Ireland.

The Alliance leadership seems to suffer chronic confusion when it comes to prioritising matters of faith and politics.

Pauline Gray, Co Down