Scriptural teaching is clear

Rev Dr Ian McNie, the new moderator of the Presbyterian Church
Rev Dr Ian McNie, the new moderator of the Presbyterian Church

Dr Ian McNie is absolutely correct to make the assertion that marriage is between one man and one woman, thus reflecting clear scriptural teaching.

It was delightful and most encouraging to hear a church leader (Dr McNie is NOT the head of any church; the only Head the Christian Church has is our Lord Jesus Christ - all others are usurpers and pretenders) reiterate this biblical doctrine, and to do so in the face of one of his colleagues, Mrs Christine Bradley, taking the opposite view and presenting in a public forum an anti-biblical, therefore, anti-Christian viewpoint.

It has been a long time since such a clear and biblical message has come from PCI.

Of course, he has now to address this issue with his colleagues in the eldership of his church who support same-sex ‘marriage’ – whatever that is!

Elders, both teaching and ruling, have publicly supported SSM for years, yet they still retain their status as elders in good standing within the church.

The fact is that within PCI, if you are liberal, female and foreign, the possibility of being removed from office is extremely low.

Indeed, it you are male, liberal and middle class, the possibilities of being removed from office are even less. But, if you are evangelical and you hold tenaciously to that position, then you are doomed.

Sadly, Dr McNie cannot with any confidence claim that his church holds to the traditional and biblical view of marriage as being between one man and one woman for life.

It may be that on paper, but it certainly is not that in practice.

If the church fails to deal decisively with this denial of biblical teaching, then Christian, that is evangelical Presbyterians, will have to make some very important decisions.

Can they, for instance, continue to support financially a church that refuses to remove those ministers and ruling elders who flout biblical teaching on, for example, marriage? Can they even remain within a church that is becoming increasingly liberal and anti-evangelical?

They cannot deny that their support for such a church entails support for everything that that church stands for.

By refusing to discipline offending officer-bearers, the church is accepting these deviants, and Christian members are giving their support to theological liberalism and all that that involves.

J. E. Hazlett Lynch (Rev Dr)

Gospel Minister