Scripture teaches that love to neighbour includes reproof for sin

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Colin Flinn’s reply (Aug 10) amounts to nothing more than - I didn’t see it therefore it couldn’t happen. Since we have video evidence will that suffice?

That apart, he proceeds to trot out the usual cliches then confuses what differs with selective quotation. I shall thus spell it out for him.

1. Since the pride parade is public sin so it’s publicly rebuked. That is the point of the open-air. Or would he prefer to have us silenced? LGBT supporters have made it clear that is what they wish.

2. There were and are numerous opportunities for Christians to bear witness. This is done daily. But never at the expense of public witness. Colin Flinn obviously prefers no public witness against them.

3. Flinn gives his own twist to the Good Samaritan to conveniently suit himself as to make it a declaration of acceptance whereas Scripture plainly teaches that love to neighbour also includes reproof for sin and a call to repentance. Colin Flinn conveniently ignores that. Why?

Ultimately the choice before us simple- where does authority lie? Scripture or self? For Flinn it’s self, for the rest of us authority rests with Scripture.

Rev E T Kirkland, Free Church of Scotland Continuing, Doagh