Sex Kitten’s continuing search for a pur-fect love

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Some women seem to be addicted to love and lead complicated romantic lives, Natasha Hamilton from the pop group Atomic Kitten being one of them.

In her hunt for her happy-ever-after, she is about to embark on marriage after a whirlwind romance with boyfriend Charles Gay. This will be her third engagement and her second marriage.

Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton

Natasha has been the target for online trolls who branded her 4x4 on the internet, referring to the fact that she’s had four children by four different men.

She split earlier this year with her last fiancé, Ritchie Neville, former singer with pop group Five, just five months after announcing their engagement. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter, Ella Rose, together. Natasha started dating her new fiancé in the summer and hasn’t ruled out having more children. She is also mother to Josh, 14, Harry 11, and six-year-old Alfie. She says of her new love; “I hope with all my heart this time it’s forever and the happy-ever-after I’ve always wanted”.

Will it be forever, or will it peter out when the thrill of the chase and the first flush of lust disappears? Remember how things ended for Cheryl Cole when she rushed headlong into marriage with Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini, a man she had known for only 12 weeks?

They split up after just 18 months of marriage. Cheryl then quickly entered a new romance with One Direction star, Liam Payne, whom is 10 years younger than Cole. They appear to be expecting their first baby, though have yet to confirm the pregnancy.

According to experts, there’s a biological reason why many couples who marry quickly after meeting soon drift apart. Here’s the science bit; when we fall in love in the first stages, we only associate with the traits we love about our partner and disassociate from the traits we dislike. Hence we feel we’ve found the perfect mate.

This feeling is heady and unbalanced and can last between six and 18 months.

It’s nature’s way of helping us to continue to multiply. After this sexual buzz begins to decline we need to establish something more stable or a break-up occurs.

It can’t be easy going through one relationship break up after another, especially when children are involved and indeed Natasha admitted earlier in the year that sadly, her son has been bullied with 4x4 taunts.

Another lady who seems addicted to love is Natasha’s Atomic Kitten bandmate Kerry Katona, who is reportedly going to renew her marriage vows with third husband George Kay.

The couple have had a traumatic relationship which included him being detained by police under the Mental Health Act when he had a public meltdown.

He blamed this on a combination of steroids, sleeping-pills and alcohol.

The pair have a daughter together and Kerry also has two daughters with ex-husband, Westlife star, Brian McFadden, and a son and a daughter with former husband, Mark Croft.

Croft narrowly avoided jail after he admitted running a drugs farm from his attic to pay off drug debts. Kerry has been through untold misery, custody battles and much therapy because of her complicated love life but it doesn’t put her off from continually dipping her toe back in the choppy ocean of romance.

Psychologists say love addiction (a craving for romantic love) is an effort to get a sense of worth and security from another person. Usually people who have had inadequate nurturing, absence of positive role models or low self-esteem, find themselves in this continuous pursuit of happiness through romance. Unfortunately, their persistent need for reassurance can incite rejection and disconnection from their partner. The love addict can then put up with anything to reconnect with their partner again. It’s no secret that Kerry had a troubled upbringing with an absent father and a difficult relationship with her mother which saw her spending time in foster care.

Experts say taking responsibility for your own happiness and loving yourself the way you want to be loved, is a start in breaking these unhealthy addictive love patterns.

It must be emotionally and physically draining to keep on experiencing such traumatic, dramatic love lives.

Perhaps Natasha and Kerry could do with breaking their pattern and taking a little time out from matrimony.

For them it seems to be a case of always the bride, never the bridesmaid which as yet, hasn’t proved a recipe for happiness for either of them.