SF are experts on lip service, but it is their actions we judge them on

Colin Worton
Colin Worton
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Barry McElduff states that he respects everybody who has lost someone in the conflict. How can he honestly with any integrity or self-respect expect my family to believe him?

I write on behalf of my brother Kenneth Worton who was murdered by Irish republicans at Kingsmill south Armagh and alas can’t speak for himself.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

My brother along with his colleagues were not involved in any conflict with any person or group, in fact they tried to shield the sole Catholic that night, thinking that he was the intended target to be killed, they were innocent men simply travelling home from work to be with their families.

My brother was not lost, we know what happened him. He was taken from his works bus and shot at point blank range, we know the organisation responsible.

What we don’t know is the reason why? Will Sinn Fein speak as they so often do on behalf of the republican movement and tell our family why my brother was selected to die?

Barry McElduff confirms that he is an Irish republican and anti-sectarian.

I believe him to be an Irish republican, I’m afraid it’s regrettable that I cannot believe him to be anti-sectarian.

Every commemoration he and his party organise, and attend is a slap in the face to the innocent victims.

Barry McElduff and Sinn Fein say that they respect victims, yet go out of their way to honour and glorify the victim-makers at every opportunity.

McElduff states Raymond McCreesh was a hero and was more deserving of the Nobel peace prize than some who received it, this again is the forked tongue approach by Sinn Fein, blind to the fact their fanatical worship of dead terrorists is directly contrary to the imagine of truth and equality that they so desperately try to portray.

In my eyes anyone from whatever side of the fence who supports and advocated for terrorist violence is sectarian – no ifs or buts.

They need to recognise the error of their ways and apologise for the hurt caused over many years.

Barry McElduff and Sinn Fein have a vision of a new Ireland which is inclusive of all our citizens?

I firmly believe that this is another insulting example from him and Sinn Fein to try and ‘re write history’.

Any unionist who believes and swallows that comment is being forced fed and has anything but 20/20 vision

Sinn Fein do lip service very well, but their actions is on how they are judged.

Colin Worton, Families Research and Policy Unit, Markethill