SF never talk of a boycott of Iran which hangs gay people from cranes

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The IFA are right to resist pressure to pull out of the football match with Israel in September.

Four points are very revealing:

1. In Israel a Jewish outgoing president was jailed — by an Arab judge — and the acting president was another Arab (who had also volunteered to make the Army his career ) — that is apartheid ?

2. The Arab minority in Israel are not liable to conscription but many (especially Bedouin Arabs) volunteer for not only the police but also for the defence forces, and risk life and limb to defend all their people from the ongoing threat of suicide-bombs or rockets from Hamas and other Jihadi terrorist gangs,

3. Not only do all citizens (Arab or Jew) have the vote in Israel but their unique electoral system is PR on a national basis — you vote for a party list — any party getting only 3.25% of the vote nationally gets a minimum of four of the 120 seats in parliament. And Arabs are members of not only Arab parties but also of mainly Jewish parties.

4. Egypt (with nearly 10 times more people than Israel) maintains the exact same border security as does Israel with Gaza on their shared border — the Egyptian border fence is also designed to stop Hamas shipping weapons into Gaza, Hamas who are armed with rockets by Iran, and who are both committed to wipe Israel out. Hamas defines itself as a branch of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ who have – once again – been outlawed by Egypt.

Odd that Sinn Fein never talk of any Boycott of Iran – where gay men are hanged from cranes in public (in Israel Arab or Jewish gays can parade freely — but never in Gaza) or any boycott of North Korea, where many are held in slave-labour camps, but only of tiny Israel — the only Jewish state on earth.

Did peace finally come to NI from boycott or rather only from abandoning violence and accepting what Sen George Mitchell called ‘Parity of Esteem’?

Tom Carew, Dublin 6