Show some backbone Mrs Foster – don’t just let MP do whatever he wishes

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Hi Arlene, I am a constituent of Ian Paisley in North Antrim, and I want to know what affirmative action you are going to take regarding Mr Paisley, relating to revelations in last month’s Spotlight programme [about the Maldives holiday]?

Simply handing over to “party officers” does not wash, and we the constituents in North Antrim deserve better than to have this hanging over us every time Mr Paisley goes off on one.

The feeling from speaking to locals is that he can do whatever he wishes, without any fear of sanction from yourself / DUP, and judging from past experiences or “bad” behaviour in your party, I can only surmise this to actually be correct.

We expect you as leader of the DUP to show some leadership and perhaps a bit of backbone, and to deal decisively with this matter, otherwise Mr Paisley will continue to take the proverbial.

Marcus Rafferty, Ballymena