Sickening to watch unapologetic republicans at funeral of terrorist victim

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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It is sickening to watch unapologetic republican politicians hugging friends of Lyra McKee when she was murdered by so-called ‘dissident’ republicans.

Many innocent victims have been murdered by the IRA, which Sinn Fein are the mouth piece for.

It is the same republicans who are attempting to rewrite history, making out that those who bravely protected the innocent from terror are to blame.

Unfortunately, Lyra McKee was not the only innocent, young women to be murdered in the same city.

Joanne Mathers was a young lady, targeted and brutally murdered by republican cowards whilst she was innocently doing a day’s work.

Joanne was taken from her husband and her one year old child. It is known in the republican movement who carried out that murder.

Also in attendance at Lyra’s funeral were the representatives of the Dublin government, including Mr Varadkar.

If the terrorist had hit their intended target on the night Lyra was murdered, would all these politicians have been in attendance?

The current and previous British governments have been less than supportive to the security personnel when it comes to legacy issues.

The Irish government were less than co-operative to the British people during the many terrorist attacks on Northern Ireland, such as their harbouring of terrorists and refusal to send the terrorists back to face justice.

To have so-called ‘dissident’ republicans walking freely through Dublin dressed in paramilitary uniforms two days after Lyra’s murder, shows nothing much has changed with regard to the Irish authorities’ attitude to violent republicans.

John Mulholland, Doagh