Sinn Fein are again stoking sectarian resentments with their nonsense

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It would appear Sinn Fein is at their work again with their ongoing campaign to encourage resentment within nationalism.

This time, they are pursuing their ongoing sectarian agenda through a ridiculous claim that the proposed boundary changes to parliamentary constituencies in Northern Ireland are an attempt to gerrymander boundaries to deliver a more favourable outcome for unionism.

It is very hard to take their claims seriously on the basis that they failed to make any real effort to respond to the earlier consultation carried out by the Boundary Commission on initial proposals produced.

It is even harder to take their claims seriously given that the seat that is disappearing to reduce Northern Ireland from 18 to 17, is a unionist seat, as Lagan Valley and South Antrim are effectively being merged into one constituency.

Sinn Fein claims that the proposed changes will result in thousands of nationalists being left without representation.

This, of course, is absolute nonsense.

The clear fact is, the only reason any nationalist finds themselves without representation is as a consequence of Sinn Fein’s abstentionist policy and the refusal of their MPs to take their seats at Westminster.

Indeed thanks to Sinn Fein’s chosen policy, nobody — unionist, nationalist or other — in seven constituencies has any representation in the House of Commons.

To further suggest that the proposed boundary changes are an attempt to deny nationalists their civil rights is extremely reckless and dangerous to say the very least and offers a clear insight into their strategy to de-stabilise Northern Ireland and cause further division between our respective communities.

Sinn Fein clearly thrive from pursuing such an agenda with no regard for the consequences.

The continual sowing of the seeds of division does nothing to inspire unionist trust and confidence and only serves to thwart genuine attempts by other parties to create a stable society for everyone in Northern Ireland.

The vast majority of people want a positive outcome for Northern Ireland.

They want their politicians to create the conditions that permit them to enjoy a good quality of life, where we benefit from having a first class health service and education system in a society that attracts investment and promoted employment opportunities. That’s where our focus should lie, instead of permitting Sinn Fein to continue to drag communities down into a mire of division and distrust.

As time moves on, we face a very stark choice.

Do we allow Sinn Fein to persist with their agenda to stagnate progress in Northern Ireland or do we allow the will of the vast majority of people to prevail, which allows all of us to enjoy a prosperous future in the place we are proud to call home?

David Taylor, Ulster Unionist Party councillor, Slieve Gullion,