Sinn Fein are the winners when the unused Irish language becomes a sacred cow

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a regular letter writer who has lived and worked all my life in Dublin, I feel it necessary to warn my Northern Irish neighbours that the Irish language agenda espoused by Sinn Fein and the all powerful ‘Language Commissioner’ continues to enjoy full governmental approval for the downgrading of English in the Republic of Ireland.

As most will already know, new legislation promoting the introduction of Irish has become a priority at government level here and the language commissioner now has sweeping powers to impose its use wherever it sees fit.

This he can do on a whim, from his ivory tower in west Galway.

You might wonder why I should feel so strongly about a language that can never really threaten English in either jurisdiction.

The answer is simple — Sinn Fein would see it as a stunning victory.

Such is what happens when an unused language becomes a sacred cow and the plaything of a new breed of tsars.

Sinn Fein would also be the sole beneficiaries of its introduction.

Bad news in any language!

Niall Ginty, Killester, Dublin 5