Sinn Fein president has not taken responsibility for the offence that she has caused

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The letter of Mary Lou McDonald (‘SF leader: As a new Ireland emerges we need to work together and be truthful,’ March 26) is one of ‘deflect and defend’.

Unsurprisingly, despite continued intense criticism from both sides of the community all over Ireland, by members of political parties and commentators, once again, she has failed to take responsibility for her offensive and divisive actions nor has she apologised.

By acting as she did in New York with her American friends, she demonstrated complete disrespect for the Belfast Agreement, for the majority of people in Northern Ireland who wish to remain in the United Kingdom, English people living in Ireland and beyond.

Why has it taken her nine days to respond and decide ‘an explanation was required’ when at the time in question, ‘no explanation required’ appeared with her picture holding up the ‘England out of Ireland’ banner which should have been consigned to history at least 21 years ago?

Issy Whyte, Dromore, Co Down