SNP vindictive over fox bill


They say politics is a dirty game, well those of us who believe that, myself included, would have their belief confirmed, when Nicola Sturgeon declared that she, and her party, would vote against a government proposed bill, to repeal the present fox hunting law.

Not content with her voting intentions, she made it clear to the media, that this was a deliberate personal attack on David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.

Thwarting bills from being accepted, that are set before parliament, is a democratic principle of any parliament, provided I may add, that they oppose the bill on principle.

However for any member of parliament, to oppose a bill that they have no interest in, other than to carry out a vindictive, personal attack on another member of parliament, I say to Nicola Sturgeon that is nothing but gutter politics.

Shame on you, I view you as a disgrace to the Scottish people.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin