So ‘Dr’ Naomi Long can comment on my health, but nobody may speak of hers?

Susan-Anne White
Susan-Anne White
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I write to take Naomi Long to task, just as she has taken writer and broadcaster Jude Collins to task.

She has been in a tizzy of late because Jude Collins made a comment (since deleted) about her weight.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

I wish to make it clear that I do not like Jude Collins. I do not like his repugnant political views as he appears to be a republican/nationalist apologist.

I do not like Naomi Long’s political views either.

However I will not allow her to lecture/censure Jude Collins or anyone else who says anything about her that is not to her liking, when she has said offensive things about me, and got away with it.

In her response to Jude Collins she stated he had “no right to speculate about her health” and further said his comments were evidence of his “misogyny as well as his lack of manners”.

What feminist claptrap!

When I was a guest on Nolan Live TV show in October 2017 and I took a strong stand against abortion, Naomi Long took to her Twitter account and said of me, “...Susan Ann White is clearly not a well person...”

There you have it. A clear example of Naomi Long speculating about my health. The very thing she accused Jude Collins of doing – yet “Dr” Long thinks she has the right to comment on my mental state!

Obviously Naomi Long thinks that anyone who calls abortion murder is “clearly not a well person”.

Naomi can give it but she can’t take it.

By the way, despite me contacting her about her offensive comment about me, she never responded.

Naomi Long you owe me an apology!

Susan-Anne White

Trillick, Co Tyrone