So sinful and wicked and corrupt has our nation become that we deserve divine wrath

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Given the utter mess that our country is in, as seen in the dysfunctionality at Westminster during the past months, what other conclusion can any reasonable Christian arrive at but that our country is under divine judgement.

We have murdered millions of unborn children since 1967; we have introduced same sex marriage (whatever that is!) into the country under the hand of liberal politician David Cameron; we are about to introduce the most liberal abortion laws into Northern Ireland if the parties at Stormont do not come together and sit in the assembly; we have passed laws that make it a criminal offense to voice your opinion, for example, to preach the Gospel, on the streets of our country, yet protect the most barbaric people who live here; and on and on it goes. The UK now calls good evil, and evil good.

We are living in momentous days and it is only the mercy of God alone that keeps the people from falling into utter lawlessness. But let me say this: so sinful and wicked and corrupt has our nation become that God would be quite just in allowing us to fall into utter ruination under the weight of our corruption, were He to let us go. We pray that He will still show us mercy, for the sake of His redeemed people and their covenant children.

We deserve nothing but divine wrath for the way we have been conducting our affairs. With the prophet, all we can say is this: ‘In wrath remember mercy.’

J. E. Hazlett Lynch (Rev. Dr), Co Londonderry