Some proposals to stop hooligans and their bonfires

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Once again the hooligans win over bonfires.

The only way to stop this annual nonsense is to deny the morons fuel for their fires. Simply legislate for companies and businesses having to make the pallets unusable to third parties.

Presently they are obliged to bind up cardboard packaging and have it collected for disposal.

Simply ensure that all pallets are destroyed immediately they have been unloaded.

A cheap chainsaw will do the job in seconds or for large amounts an industrial chipper is easily hired or have one of the garden maintenance companies do it.

Never mind the recycling, because it seems any pallets are just going to bonfires, for a price of course.

If they are chipped ,the wood chips could be used for various useful purposes.

As for tyres being used for fuel, as we all pay a tax when we replace our tyres, trace the money from customer to tyre company to disposal firms.

Some one isn’t paying that money to government, so Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) audit their accounts, and make it illegal to have large numbers of used tyres on company property.

No fuel, no fire.

Oh, what happened to our ‘smokeless zones’?

R Johnston, Belfast BT8