Special European Union status for Northern Ireland would benefit all the people and the Union

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The DUP are in a unique position to influence the outcome of Brexit negotiations for the benefit of all of the people of Northern Ireland and also to put the question of the Union out of reach for generations.

But this would require a longer-term political view.

If Northern Ireland was given ‘special status’ whereby it remains in the EU (in effect) while also remaining in the United Kingdom, the impact this could have on the economy of Northern Ireland would be extraordinary.

Foreign multi-nationals looking to set-up will be drawn to Northern Ireland because of its unique position straddling both the EU and the UK – they will not want this position to be changed.

The Northern Irish economy will boom, and this society will be transformed.

This ‘special status’ doesn’t weaken Northern Ireland’s position in the United Kingdom, it just changes it, and indeed may strengthen it.

Mark Doyle, Co Meath