Strikes lead to job loss and hardship


The unions say: ‘We’re not going away’ (March 14), a statement directed to Stormont.

Remember when the miners’ union officials took on the government for better working conditions? The miners were beaten into, rather out of the ground by Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister.

I remember a sad incident when the employer of an engineering company asked for financial help of the government at that time. He took his life because he could not afford to keep his business afloat without the injection of cash that he asked for.

History has told us that coal pits closed resulting in unemployment, other business suffered as there wasn’t the money to spend. Margaret Thatcher showed no remorse. Strikes will only lead to extreme hardship for the less well off, cause unemployment and civil unrest.

Round table talks is the sensible answer, common sense, and no more lies and broken promises.

What is needed is men of integrity.

William Brown