Sugar tax would be another dagger in another industry

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am very alarmed by the Commons Health Committee in their recommendations to introduce a tax on sugary drinks.

Such a tax introduced from Westminster is just another dagger in the heart in yet another UK industry.

I appreciate that the Committee wish to tackle childhood obesity, something which I of course support, but the answer is not by placing further burdens on this industry which will in turn hit the most disadvantaged families in our society the hardest.

The answer to tackling obesity, particularly in our young people is through education, through explaining the benefits of a balanced diet and encouraging them to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Further taxation will simply increase the UKs growing reputation for ‘nanny state’ style policy, deterring industry from continuing to operate here.

I worry that these conclusions have been arrived at just so certain politicians can feel that they’re doing something, and the damage that such a tax will cause to our economy has not been considered in the slightest.

We cannot choose to draw upon results from other countries such as Mexico as justification for such conclusions when their circumstances are entirely different to our own.

I want to know what consultation has been had with industry experts here in the UK, and what consideration was given to the economic impact of such a tax when the committee arrived at these conclusions.

Ian Paisley, DUP MP, North Antrim