Sunday was once set apart but now it is the noisiest day of the week

It was once the Lord's Day, but no longer
It was once the Lord's Day, but no longer

A feature of my childhood in the Province was the special significance attributed by many to Sunday, otherwise The Lord’s Day or the Sabbath.

This first day was set apart for church attendance, or quiet contemplation within the family.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The activities of others were many and varied, spent as so inclined by the individual without censure.

Sadly a vast gulf has opened up over the past 50 years.

The busiest and noisiest day of the week is now Sunday when all the heaviest and most offensive machinery is wheeled out to dig up common rights of way and where football has been crowned King.

The vulgar din pervades even the sanctuary of the most distant and devoted churches.

Gone is the desire to keep Sunday special .

It seems also acceptable to swear in public using such imported terms as ‘O My God’ at every possible opportunity.

May God forgive us.

John Cullen, Belfast BT5