Swann is the man to lead our party

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to the incorrect assumption of the letter (‘Unlike Swann, Nesbitt was liberal and he tried to move NI forward,’ October 20) that Robin Swann has moved the Ulster Unionist Party to the right I would say the following:

As a member of the party’s executive, there has never been an instance where the party leader has tried to influence the party on matters of conscience.

In fact he has quite openly stated that he sees the fact that representatives are allowed a free vote on the more liberal issues as a strength of the party.

Mr Swann has never decried the leadership of Mike Nesbitt and was a loyal chief whip during Mike’s tenure as leader, but I am sure he will make the changes that he sees fit to bring the party into the modern political world.

The one thing I can assure Mr Watson about is the fact that Robin Swann is an ardent supporter of a Union which will be of benefit to everyone in Northern Ireland, regardless of religion or gender.

The mood of the Ulster Unionist Party is more upbeat now than it has been for a long time with the membership broadly acknowledging that we have the right man in the right job.

KJ Turner, Connor