That ancient Jewish people suddenly switched their Sabbath to Sunday is another piece of collateral evidence for the resurrection

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Hylands Mitchell (‘Belfast City Council should urgently reconsider its decision to hold the marathon on the Lord’s day,’ April 27) is concerned about the upcoming Belfast Marathon being run on a Sunday.

In the Jewish tradition we see the Sabbath as a day of rest, connected to God resting after creation (Genesis 2:3).

The first Christians were largely of Jewish background and utterly committed to observing a Saturday Sabbath.

For ancient Jewish people to suddenly switch their Sabbath to Sunday was quite amazing.

This is just one of many incredibly strong pieces of collateral evidence supporting the truth of the Easter resurrection.

Christians continue to celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday as a remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mr Mitchell is right to emphasise the health, spiritual and social benefits of Sabbath rest.

These are considered in a recent article by a Prof of Psychiatry called Alan Thomas, who supports the Sabbath principle wholeheartedly.

Many marathon participants may be religious sceptics oblivious to debates around correct Sabbath observation.

Might sceptics benefit more from making careful study of the range and depth of positive historical evidence for the empty tomb?

James Hardy, Belfast BT5